It’s A Birb Thing

by Lavender

Birb Grocery List

What’s It Like Having a Bird You Ask?

Friend… or Foe?

Just a Little Nibble Mom

Location, Location, Location

Uh Oh Cheeks…

I can sing louder than you!

Cooking with Cheeks – Part 3

Box Love

Feed Me!

Human, Where Are You?

The Hairy Truth About Preening

Hey, Where You Goin?

Co-Worker Cheeks

phone call twt


Scritchies rule… sometimes

People Food is Yummy

Cheeks & The Lamp

king of the lamp twt

Cooking with Cheeks: Part 2

cooking w cheeks ep 2 twt

Cooking with Cheeks – Part 1

how to cook w cheeks twt

Bell Fun

A Bell twt

How a Birb Greets the Morning

Mirror, Mirror…

Playtime is Anytime!

I Want Outta Here!

Food Etiquette – Cheeks’ Style!

Okay, Go Get it!

Hey, Food, Now!

Being A Birb

Preening is a never-ending job

The Glass Redux

What’s Mine is MINE

I Love My Bell

What to do with feetsies


Cheeks on Singing

Pet me, Now!


by Lavender

Welcome to The Roost!

My name is Lavender, and I’m the creator of It’s A Birb Thing! It’s a comic about birds, mostly Cheeks the Cockatiel, doing bird things! I will be assisting The Roost with accompanying illustrations, as well as posting my comics with every issue. I look forward to our community E-Zine!

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