Lessons from Chaka: Feathered Frenzy

A sweet little visitor came to hang out with Zack and Bubbles last month. Chaka took one look at Zack and Bubbles and realized the world was much, much bigger than he could have imagined!

Zack and Chaka immediately hit it off, with Zack showing his new buddy the ropes.

Head on over to Sherri’s May Feathered Frenzy column to find out how Chaka’s visit changed how parrots and parronts see one another and the world around them!

Back on Track: Feathered Frenzy

in her April edition of Feathered Frenzy, Sherri reminds us parronts that birds are flock creatures that live in a community, and often times this is good for us too!

Our feathered companions have a way of reminding us about what’s good for them -and us!

Catch up with Sherri, Zack and Bubbles and see what similarities you can identify as things you do, and your birdies help you to, stay on track!

Creating a Healthy Home: Feathered Frenzy

Our birdie companions mean the world – and then some, to us, and making sure they are happy and healthy is an ongoing, important task.

Sherri’s February ’23 Feathered Frenzy column offers mindful tips and tricks for all parronts to ensure we’re keeping our feathered kids as happy and healthy as possible.

Catch up with Sherri, Bubbles and Zack and perhaps check off your ‘healthy home’ boxes to ensure your fids are living their healthiest lives too!

Birthdays, Birdies & Bots: Beneath the Cage Grate

In his February ’23 Beneath the Cage Grate column, Morty finds himself enjoying new-found delights in a new seed mix while trying to figure out why older Village birdie neighbors are so darn grumpy. But, there’s a new birdie in town and Morty has some insights on his new neighbor!

The bots are (again) up to no good and Morty is trying to get invite to the upcoming BOTT convention!

Catch up with Morty for the whole scoop!

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