Zoom Zoom Alexa: Beneath the Cage Grate

IMG_20191230_140702Morty’s Christmas was a success – mostly.  He was of course showered with toys from Santa Claws, and his two sidekicks also received cool presents from the jolly fellow.

However, Morty is dismayed with one of his roommate’s Christmas haul – and her subsequent experimentation with her new ‘toy’.

Read Morty’s January edition of Beneath the Cage Grate and judge for yourself whether Morty’s Christmas wishes for Alexa and Roomba came true!

Back to Normal… almost

Bubbles 2019It’s officially the 2020’s and Sherri and the birdies are trying to tie a neat little bow on the Christmas just past and return to some degree of normalcy to begin the new decade.

But alas, normalcy is hard to achieve, especially after a couple of weeks of rushing around, decorating, wrapping and then opening presents, and the prep and clean ups from big dinners and visitors.

How do you and your flock return to your ‘normal’ after the holiday season?  Catch up with Zack and Bubbles here to find out how they’re trying to resume their routines after a festive but hectic Christmas.

BirdYYC2020: Setting Up Your eBird Patch — Birds Calgary

Calgary 2020 Big Year Birding Challenge Nature Calgary is promoting a friendly “big year” birding challenge within the Calgary city limits in 2020. See this post for general information. To register to take part in this free year-long challenge, send your name, eBird name, and email address to Howard Heffler at: hheffler[at]shaw.ca. Participants will have…

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