Swallows of Ohio (7 Species to know) — Badgerland Birding

Swallows are fast moving aerial insectivores that move quickly and catch prey on the fly. They have long wings and are characterized by their acrobatic movements. There are eight different swallow species that live across the United States and seven of them can be found in Ohio with six being common and one being extremely rare. Contained in this article is information on how to identify each one, along with additional information on their lifestyle and habits.

Swallows of Ohio (7 Species to know) — Badgerland Birding

Birds Know How to Play and Have Fun – Australia’s Corella Families. — aussiebirder

Australia has three out of the six species of Corella found in the world. The Little, the Long-billed and the Western Corella are endemic to Australia and are subspecies of the White Cockatoo (genus Cacactua). These birds are one of the most playful of birds, particularly the Little Corella, which are also found in some […]

Birds Know How to Play and Have Fun – Australia’s Corella Families. — aussiebirder

Hummingbirds of Illinois (2 Species to Know) — Badgerland Birding

Hummingbirds are captivating creatures that buzz around backyards and flowers at a frenetic pace. While they are quite small, they sometimes travel extreme distances during migration, leading to many species showing up in places outside of their normal range. While Illinois has records of many different rare hummingbirds showing up in the state over the years, there are really only two species that can be found in the state on a regular basis. Here is everything you need to know about those two species.

Hummingbirds of Illinois (2 Species to Know) — Badgerland Birding

Back on Track: Feathered Frenzy

in her April edition of Feathered Frenzy, Sherri reminds us parronts that birds are flock creatures that live in a community, and often times this is good for us too!

Our feathered companions have a way of reminding us about what’s good for them -and us!

Catch up with Sherri, Zack and Bubbles and see what similarities you can identify as things you do, and your birdies help you to, stay on track!

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