Down South – 2022 Grassland Bird Blitz — Manitoba Important Bird Areas Program

For our second event southwestern Manitoba, we set out with a small group of volunteers on the morning of Sunday, June 19th for our first grassland bird blitz in 3 years. We birded the Southwestern Manitoba Mixed Grass Prairie IBA from dawn to high noon in search of grassland Species at Risk. Sun rising over […]

Down South – 2022 Grassland Bird Blitz — Manitoba Important Bird Areas Program

Pouty Parrots: Feathered Frenzy

All parronts know that sometimes our fids pout. They react to something happening in their environment, something we’re doing, wearing or about to do and they go into ‘pouty bird’ mode. Sometimes we parronts can get them out of their ‘funk’ quickly, but sometimes, we need to give them time and space to get over whatever is bringing them down – or winding them up.

Sherri’s July ’22 Feathered Frenzy column offers a wide range of ideas on how we can help our feathered companions deal with their feelings and rebuild their confidence in themselves and in us.

Our Tiniest Parrot – The Double-eyed Fig Parrot — aussiebirder

Continuing with some of the birds we saw in our recent visit to Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney, we saw a lifer – The Double-eyed Fig Parrot. This was a bird we pursued when we were last in Far North Queensland, but never laid eyes on. It is a resident of New Guinea, but is also […]

Our Tiniest Parrot – The Double-eyed Fig Parrot — aussiebirder
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