Technology Hijinks

Sherri's latest articles is a perfect complement to Morty's, both offering readers cautionary tales of how technology, while useful in some ways, can also run amuck, causing chaos among all members of the household - including inquisitive birdies. Click here to read how a Christmas gift led Sherri, Bubbles and Zack to have an interesting … Continue reading Technology Hijinks

Birds can feel the magic of the holiday season too!

It starts on November 1, inspiring over seven weeks of bright eyes, excitement, and good behavior. It is the ringtone that only mommy can hear:  “Hello? Hi, Santa!”  Bubbles and Zack begin their posturing and charm as they know the holidays are on the horizon and they’re on Santa’s radar for good behavior!  The holidays … Continue reading Birds can feel the magic of the holiday season too!

The Roost Online – October Issue!

Welcome to the October Edition of The Roost Online!  In this issue, we've got a story from Sherri on Halloween Hi-jinks from Bubbles and Zack, crabby yet hilarious advice from Morty, a cute new Cheeks cartoon, current bird news from social media, and a fun Sudoku game with a neat birdie twist! As always, if … Continue reading The Roost Online – October Issue!

September Issue is Out!

Some of the highlights in our September Edition include: Morty's sage advice to Chiyome and flock Zack and Bubbles try to help mom with her spatial challenges The Trump Administration's threat to weaken the Endangered Species Act A new search-a-word A collection of posts from around social media, including everyday heroes doing their part to … Continue reading September Issue is Out!