It’s A Birb Thing: Playtime is Anytime!

In our August issue of It’s A Birb Thing, Cheeks decides that she’d rather play with her new toy – undercover,  than listen to mom and go to sleep.   by Lavender  

Feathered Frenzy: Bird Brains: They’re Bigger Than You Think!

Sherri’s latest Feathered Frenzy article delves into the intelligence and perceptiveness of our parrot companions. When someone says ‘bird brain’, they are actually describing a sentient being that can, and does, interact and react to their human and environmental surroundings in a way that is very similar to humans. Sherri describes how Zack and Bubbles…


Visit It’s A Birb Thing to see what Cheeks is up to July’s comic strip by Lavender.

News On The Wing – April ’19 Edition

From tree netting to saving the Komodo Dragon, our April News On The Wing is chalk full of all the current wildlife and nature preservation news! News On The Wing is comprised of information gathered from across social media.  It’s purpose is to share info, start conversations and encourage active participation in the protection of…

On Being A Birb

by Lavender Cheeks is back and as cute as ever! See what our favorite cartoon cockatiel is up to by visiting our It’s A Birb Thing page here.

Love is in the air: Valentine’s Day Birdie Photo Contest

Love is in the air! In honor of the day of love, The Roost is hosting a Valentine’s Day Birdie Photo Contest! Three prizes up for grabs! 1st PRIZE Gift bag containing chocolate for  parronts, a large hanging birdie toy, a footie toy and a small chew/play toy. 2nd & 3rd PRIZES Small gift bag…

Jigsaw Puzzle & Word Search Fun

Visit the Feather Fun page and try your hand – and eye, at an online jigsaw puzzle and a new Word Search game. Good luck everybirdie!!