Newest Members of The Roost’s Flock

Scarlett & Sargeant

Scarlett & Sargeant are Military Macaws, a vulnerable species endemic to forests in Mexico and South America. They get the name ‘military’ from their predominantly green plumage that resembles a military uniform.

Scarlett (6) & Sargent (9) are the newest members of the flock of Pauline & Joe Porter of Norfolk, UK.

Scarlett & Sargeant arrived at their forever home late last year, and their arrival was met with much joy, but also great disappointment with how their former parront chose to courier them.

Scarlett & Sargeant

They left their former home at 6am and only arrived at their new home at 4pm the following day – 34 hours in a cramped, confined space barely large enough for one let alone two large macaws.

Pauline & Joe worked hard and fast to have the new aviary ready for Scarlett & Sargeant, providing their new feathered charges with time and space to become familiar with their new surroundings and the other flock members.

Scarlett & Sargeant

Scarlett & Sargeant weren’t quite sure how to get back into their enclosed area at dusk, bedtime, so parront Joe ‘demonstrated’ how to do it (this is when video would be priceless). For 3 weeks at dusk, Scarlett & Sargeant would get a free demonstration on how to get in to perch for bed. Unaccustomed to eating fruits and veggies when they arrived, they’re now enjoying a healthy diet full of good, healthy food.

Scarlett & Sargeant are two beautiful, happy birdies living their best life, enjoying the sights and sounds of their flockmates – and the ongoing antics of their parronts Pauline & Joe!

Welcome to The Roost’s flock Scarlett & Sargeant!

Scarlett & Sargeant

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