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Highlighting blogs that champion wildlife and conservation

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Scottish pollinators

Scottish Pollinators provides wonderful photos as well as insights into pollinator-related successes and challenges from around Scotland.  As bees, wasps and other pollinators continue to be threatened around the world, having blogs dedicated to their survival and resiliency is of utmost importance.  Check out and follow this blog, and become a champion for pollinators in your little area of the world!

The Wilden Marsh Blog

Michael Griffiths’ Wilden Marsh Blog is brimming with wonderful snippets of life – wildlife and natural life of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve located in the Lower Stour Valley in Worcestershire, England.

H.J. Ruiz – Avian101

“My Backyard Visitors” – All about birds – The world is my backyard!

Check out H.J. Ruiz’s wonderful bird photography on his WordPress blog – https://avian101.wordpress.com/


Tawny Close up Cam2 Dec 2018_00000A #UKBA19 Nature and Wildlife FINALIST at the UK Blog Awards, WildlifeKate is an excellent blogger, writing and capturing nature from on and around her Staffordshire, UK garden.

Check out her videos of this year’s tawny owl family – parents are currently nurturing two fluffy owlets (unbeknownst to them, growing up on camera).  Or, watch the growth and fledge of resident nesting blackbirds.

Visit WildlifeKate’s blog here or check out the WildlifeKate website.


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