Feathered Frenzy: The Gradual Emergence of Fall

Sherri's October Feathered Frenzy article finds her pondering how everyone - humans, companion birds and wildlife, acknowledge and react to the changing seasons. She notes that like people, both Zack and Bubbles recognize the changing seasons, with Zack paying particular attention to his  parronts' changing eating habits, clothing choices and house decorations as Fall's approaches. … Continue reading Feathered Frenzy: The Gradual Emergence of Fall

Halloween Hi-jinks

by Sherri Moorer We live in the woods, so we don’t get trick-or-treaters. Despite the spooky ‘vibe’ of Halloween, it turns out that people don’t really want to take an adventure down our driveway to find out what lay on the other ends of the trees. It’s just as well. Zack bit a princess twelve … Continue reading Halloween Hi-jinks