Feathered Frenzy: The Gradual Emergence of Fall

Sherri's October Feathered Frenzy article finds her pondering how everyone - humans, companion birds and wildlife, acknowledge and react to the changing seasons. She notes that like people, both Zack and Bubbles recognize the changing seasons, with Zack paying particular attention to his  parronts' changing eating habits, clothing choices and house decorations as Fall's approaches. … Continue reading Feathered Frenzy: The Gradual Emergence of Fall

Feathered Frenzy: Bird Brains: They’re Bigger Than You Think!

Sherri's latest Feathered Frenzy article delves into the intelligence and perceptiveness of our parrot companions. When someone says 'bird brain', they are actually describing a sentient being that can, and does, interact and react to their human and environmental surroundings in a way that is very similar to humans. Sherri describes how Zack and Bubbles … Continue reading Feathered Frenzy: Bird Brains: They’re Bigger Than You Think!

Alert: Sick Human!

In our April issue, Sherri reminds all who share their home and life with birds that when we get sick, our birds react in different, and often negative ways to our illness.  Sherri experienced a very nasty bout with two viruses over a few weeks and as she recuperated, Sherri took notice of how her … Continue reading Alert: Sick Human!

What’s Really Contagious

After coming down with a nasty sinus infection a week before Christmas, Sherri soon realizes how some of her negative behavior can quickly transfer over to the behavior and reactions of Bubbles and Zack. Sherri observes that companion birds can help us become better people - if we acknowledge that their reactions can shine a … Continue reading What’s Really Contagious