A Tribute to Alice & Penne

@CocoTheParrot shared this beautiful rose on Sunday, June 24th, Alice’s birthday, with the following words:

“A special flower for a special day. Moms Wardens Whisper rose is in bloom this weekend!  Happy Birthday Alice, I miss you and @KillerParrot so much.”

Alice's rose

We will never forget Alice and sweet Penne, never!   

Remembering Penne

Morty’s Column


For this inaugural issue, Morty is letting his mom, Diana, write the first his column’s maiden article – mainly because he is otherwise engaged in building a relationship with a rather strange looking coffee table top companion named Alexa.  Alexa talks, but she doesn’t appear to have legs or wings so she can’t be bird… can she? Morty is perplexed.

While Morty attempts to figure out Alexa’s status, click here to read Diana’s hilarious  Beneath the Cage Grate article!

It’s A Birb Thing is Back!

poor keyboard 1

by Lavender

Visit Lavender’s It’s A Birb Thing page here to view her latest Cheeks the Cockatiel comic.  Lavender will be assisting The Roost with accompanying illustrations and posting her comics in every upcoming issue!

Bird Newz


Welcome to Bird Newz!  Here, you’ll read about current issues, ideas, news, etc., affecting companion and wild bird species around the world.

Click here to visit Bird Newz and watch the beautifully produced Bird Song Opera (from the Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society).