September Issue is Out!

Some of the highlights in our September Edition include: Morty's sage advice to Chiyome and flock Zack and Bubbles try to help mom with her spatial challenges The Trump Administration's threat to weaken the Endangered Species Act A new search-a-word A collection of posts from around social media, including everyday heroes doing their part to … Continue reading September Issue is Out!

Welcome Ruby!

A baby red factor African Grey birdie entered the lives of Oscar and her mom Pauline recently.  While Pauline doted over the wee one for days and weeks (to Oscar's dismay), the Twitter and Facebook flock waited with bated breath for pictures - and of course the announcement of the name of this little cutie. … Continue reading Welcome Ruby!

Oscar, a Love Story

by Pauline Porter - @paulineporter16 Oscar's dad used to launch eggs out of the nest box so fast that it took me a long time - and several failed attempts, to finally rescue one. After incubating Oscar's egg, the fun began!  During hatching, Oscar had a job breaking out of her shell.  After 55 hours … Continue reading Oscar, a Love Story