To the PerchMobile Mum: Beneath the Cage Grate

In the August 2019 edition of Beneath the Cage Grate, Morty tells of a very trying July.  He tells of his continued sparring with the distrustful Alexa, and his horror when he and his demonic roommate are left to terrorize the birdsitters when mum goes on a short 'vacation'. Find out how Morty manages to … Continue reading To the PerchMobile Mum: Beneath the Cage Grate

YES MORTY, PULL THAT WEED! Beneath the Cage Grate

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood and Morty is in hot water yet again. After refusing mom's prompting to learn to sing 'Happy Birthday' - and his impromptu, naughty back turn on mom - Morty enlists  the mischievous Alexa to help him mend fences with mom by weeding her garden. What could possibly go … Continue reading YES MORTY, PULL THAT WEED! Beneath the Cage Grate

Bird Watching with Alexa: Beneath the Cage Grate

The other day I was talking with Alexa and I asked her if she might give me some suggestions for a hobby I might pursue. We came to an agreement that bird watching might be a good hobby for me. I could exit right out my window and glide down to the ground below. Alexa … Continue reading Bird Watching with Alexa: Beneath the Cage Grate

Such a Helpful Birdie… or Not!

Morty has ratcheted up his mischievousness of late, turning his whimsy from the demonic Alexa to his mom.  Poor mom Diana, her moments of relaxation and contemplation on the couch have now become minutes of constant taunts from Morty. Check out Morty's May Beneath the Cage Grate article to find out just how far he … Continue reading Such a Helpful Birdie… or Not!

Alexa, por quoi?

Do not adjust your screen!  Morty has it on good authority that Sherri's Alexa Tablet is conspiring to 'help' Sherri publish new writings IN FRENCH!  It seems Morty's Alexa, who's always one step ahead, has passed on her mischievous (some may say devious) behaviours to Sherri's device (what could possibly go wrong...). Aside from Sherri's … Continue reading Alexa, por quoi?

Alexa’s Reach

In his latest column, Morty sends off  some interesting advice to a frantic Sherri. Sherri's still dealing with her own Alexa issues.  Morty, in his usual offbeat wisdom, also tries to pawn off one of his own technological nemesis while passing along support and suggestions to Sherri. Read Morty's advice to Sherri in the latest … Continue reading Alexa’s Reach

I Had Secrets

In Sherri's latest submission, she finds herself wondering the extent to which Alexa (or possibly Skynet itself) knows all her secrets.  With her tablet mysteriously booting up and files being moved about, Sherri suspects that all this nefarious business is at the behest, or the invisible hand, of Alexa. But perhaps even worse, Alexa may … Continue reading I Had Secrets