Raven Reasoning — The Urban Nature Enthusiast

A meticulous study recently published by scientists in Leipzig, Germany, concludes that the intelligence of ravens rivals that of the great apes. Other studies have come to similar conclusions, but this one was especially exhaustive, employing a complex combination of tests designed to measure various aspects of intelligence. They found, among other things, that  four […]

Raven Reasoning — The Urban Nature Enthusiast

Gentoo Penguins: one species or four? — SANTA MONICA BAY AUDUBON SOCIETY BLOG

There was a recently published story on how the Gentoo Penguin, currently considered to be a single species with various colonies on Antarctica and the near-Antarctic island groups, might actually be four species as there seems to be no interbreeding between colonies and there are size differences and genetic differences between colonies. That sounds reasonable: not way out of line.

Gentoo Penguins: one species or four? — SANTA MONICA BAY AUDUBON SOCIETY BLOG

Frosty Butt Feathers: Do Seagulls Get Wedgies?

Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on Pexels.com

Oh my, this past month or so has been very interesting in my neck of the woods, I have some funny things to tell you about the human lady I hang out with, my ongoing search for a new wardrobe, and a plea for everybirdie to help out a flock of saucy-beaked parrots at a London UK wildlife park.

Head on over to the November column of Do Seagulls Get Wedgies to catch up and have some chuckles!

It’s A Birb Thing: Box Love

By Lavender

Is there a birb anywhere that doesn’t love hiding, chewing, and playing in a cardboard box? I don’t think so!

In our November issue of It’s A Birb Thing, Cheeks demonstrates just how much fun one birdie can have in her own personal cardboard box!

Go Cheeks Go!

Glorious Garden Guests: Gulf Fritillary — Backyard Bird Nerd

Gulf Fritillaries are another of the glorious garden guests that add an extra dose of beauty to the summer season. The designs and patterns on these butterflies are absolutely mesmerizing, right down to their speckled eyes! These Zinnia lovers flit from flower… …to flower…steadily slurping up nectar. By themselves, Zinnias are lovely flowers, but when […]

Glorious Garden Guests: Gulf Fritillary — Backyard Bird Nerd