Thanks to everybirdie who answered our #ScreenshotThis & #TheRoost shout out across social media, we were delightfully deluged with beautiful photos and videos of birdies just doing their thang!  Such an overwhelming response – thank you!

Here for your viewing pleasure are all the #ScreenshotThis & #TheRoost entries:

From the Facebook Flock

Eduardo (Suzy Cook) squaring off with his arch nemesis the broom!


Penny (Penny Smith-Macaw) letting her mom know that she was none too pleased being left home alone!


From the Instagram Flock

Beautiful Ziggy (ziggypionus) the Bronze Wing Pionus

Strutting London, the White Capped Pionus (feather_brain_)

Dan’s (goldcapp_cricket) spunky sweet Cricket playing with her chewy


Geo (geo_the_blue_headed_pionus_) looking as cute as a button


Scully the Diva (casa_de_vasa_parrots)


Sage the Ekkie (eclectussage) is really into almonds – literally!


Tracy’s (vampirebloom) baby Jack in various poses of cuteness

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stan (jane_robinson65), once again left wondering what the lush is up to and when she may be coming home



From the Twitter Flock

@paulineporter16 – Oscar is sharing secrets with Keito, probably telling Keito all about how silly the baby Grey is!

Ringo (@Georgieboysmum) gets ready for a road trip with mom!


And, here Ringo sweetly singing to her mum: (Tweeted at 6:09 PM on Wed, May 30, 2018):

Bat Bird – always good fun – @keelingrob

Aren’t I just the cutest! – @2manyparrots


Charlie the B&G macaw doing her birdie thang!

Click here for a short but adorable video of Charlie enjoying her bath! – @ZariReede (Tweeted at 11:14 AM on Thu, Jun 14, 2018): Charlie doing her birdie thang!🐥❤️

Percy and the attack of the rubber chicken

Click here to witness Percy’s fast-footed escape from an annoying housemate, the rubber chicken – the darn thing thinks he’s a real chicken! – @Percy_Parrot (Tweeted at 3:04 PM on Wed, Jun 13, 2018)

Scootaloo the sweetheart – @elvisbird_dean

Bubbles trying to look inconspicuous on the rim of the popcorn bowl – @SherritheWriter


and Bubbles’ flockmate Zack, looking dapper as ever!


Here we have Sir Darwin the Tiel declaring ‘me looking adorable’! – @DarwinTiel


Preening, a birdie’s favourite pastime.  Tulip – @tiellover


Tandi – @Takkiewax sent us this beautiful photo of her flock and says, ‘This is family. Birds of a feather flock together’.


‘We lover our strawberries!!’ – @FlockIsFamily


And, from their flockmate comes the retort: ‘My grape.. MINE’!


Charlie the blue & gold macaw, just being gorgeous! – @Minette_Lauren


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